The Sailing Adventure Begins

Thursday, June 8th

Friends and family seem to be always asking what my next biking adventure will be? Gee wiz… Just one time I ride a mountain bike for a few miles and a few days, now I’m ‘the biker guy’? I do have other aspirations. There are many things I would like to see and do, that do NOT involve peddling my butt there. Will say the adventure about to embark on, sailing a boat several hundred miles through the largest fresh water lakes in the world, was nowhere even remotely near my bucket list. Sometimes an opportunity presents itself and like that, you have a new bucket list.

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Onto The Big Lake They Called Gitche Gumee

Friday, June 9th

Sleeping in the front birth of the boat puts me directly under a clear hatch, which in turn provides me an awesome view straight up the mast rising 52 feet above the water. My first morning sleeping on the boat I woke to that view, however it looked as though the harbor was socked in with fog. Closer examination reviled that it was just a layer of dew on the glass. Waking this morning provided the similar foggy view but this time the mast was much more visible than yesterday. Now it is true, the Harbor indeed is socked in with fog.

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Forty-Five Hours and Twenty-One Feet Down

Monday, June 12th to Wednesday, June 14th

This Blog post will encompass three days worth of travel. Because well… It seems like one long day. So here we are with one big post.

The approaching storms that, on the radar, looked like they might enter our area overnight never amounted to much. However to borrow, and slightly modify, an old pilot’s saying: It’s better to be here in the harbor wishing we were out there, than out there wishing we were here. Continue reading

Ahoy Lake Michigan

Thursday, June 15th to Saturday, June 17th

Woke up in Mackinaw Island harbor with much calmer waters as the winds had greatly subsided over night. Today’s weather report is not great but it does indicate winds that may be favorable for putting up sails for south travel on Lake Michigan. Glad to see though the one biggie we now look for in any report. No storms predicted. Continue reading

Packing for Bikepacking

I get a lot of questions regarding my gear and how it’s packed on the bike. So I have created a video doing a complete unpacking of the bike, revealing everything that goes with me and how I carry it.

Hope you enjoy the video. If some of your questions remain unanswered or you now have more, I would love to answer them for you. Please put your question in the ‘leave a reply’ section below the video and I will try to answer it as soon as possible.

Wyoming Sunrise on the GDMBR 2105

Video I took with my GoPro while on the GDMBR is finally making it off the camera and onto the blog. This is my first attempt at time-Lapse video so it’s a little rough. Even with the camera set to time-lapse mode still produced a raw 10 minutes of video I needed to shrink down.

Katy Trail, America’s Longest Rails to Trails Project


God willing and the creek don’t rise. That was my Grandpa’s answer when someone asked if his plans were still a go. Those words are very fitting to my next planned biking adventure. Although it would be appropriate to change the word creek to river. If all goes as planned I will begin riding The Katy Trail starting, Sunday November, 13th 2016. Continue reading

First bikepacking trip of 2016: Fargo Sub-48

Early summer 2015 I spotted a poster in the window of my local bike shop… “Fargo Sub-48” was the title. Of course, this obscure poster caught my eye because my bike is a Salsa Fargo. Inspecting the poster a little closer, discovered it was for up-coming bike ride taking place in Michigan. Asking the kid working the shop about the poster, he had no clue what it was for. It was quickly established he did not know that ‘Fargo’ was a bike made by Salsa. Also if I had to guess, when he heard “Salsa” rather than the popular bike brand coming to mind, he was thinking tortilla chips. On the way out the door, I snapped a quick pic of the poster to do a little research later.

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Getting ready to ride the Katy

The weeks/days leading up to this next bike adventure has been a mixed bag of emotions. With the ‘test’ life/god has handed me lately I’ve been looking forward to few days of nothing but riding bike. However to be perfectly honestly, this ride scares me.  Not that I think the plan of riding 60 miles a day will be too much or something will go wrong. I simply cannot get myself excited to riding a pancake flat, perfectly groomed trail through rural america. Continue reading