Riding Michigan Coast to Coast

As I sit here in Michigan, in the middle of winter, I’m doing a little reflecting. Other than the daily question, what the heck am I doing in this state/climate? I’m thinking about how it’s been a very long time since I posted an adventure story. This past summer I did set out on a ride that certainly would have been worthy of a few words in this blog, but that ride didn’t play out as planned, hence no story.

Now that several months have passed since that ride and finding myself in a peculiar mood to write… Figured I’ll tell the good, bad, and ugly of what happened and satisfy my yearning to pen some witty banter that will either, entertain some or continue to feed my delusion that someone besides my mom reads this stuff.

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Truths About Exercise And Losing Body Fat – Part 3

For those familiar with this blog and expecting adventure… Yes, I’m posting another fitness article and may need to change the name of the site if I keep it up. This is the third such article, that is if you don’t count the story of my own 12-week journey of extreme fat loss.

You see something interesting has been happening since the first fitness article was published. When people learn I rode a mountain bike 2,700 miles through the Rocky Mountains, they are genuinely interested to get this web address and read the daily postings of that ride. However, the next time I see them, forget the life-changing, epic journey… They want to talk about my fitness articles, so here we go with more truths about diet and exercise.

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More Truths About Exercise and Losing Bodyfat

Happy New Year. It’s been a couple of years since I wrote the article ‘10 Truths I’ve Learned About Exercise and losing bodyfat’ where I attempted to centralize the advice New Year’s resolution-makers were seeking from me at the time.

At the end of that article I stated there are other truths I’ve learned but the ones listed were enough. Well, I’ve changed my mind. Taking my education and experience into the personal training world and fielding more questions, I’m back with more truths to hopefully help those struggling with or looking to start their body recomposition journey.

Without further ado here is my list of MORE truths I’ve Learned.

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Day 3 – Kenansville NC to Anderson Creek (80 miles)

June 3

Realize I’m not painting the rosiest of pictures of being out here with my previous two entries. Friends have contacted me regarding the state I’m projecting. As one friend even put it, am I having buyers remorse? I can honestly say it’s great to be out here riding and seeing the countryside. What’s proving to be extremely difficult is what I left behind to be out here, loved ones, friends and the general overall comfort of being home.

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Day 4 – Anderson Creek to Candor, NC (63 miles)

June 5

Poking my head out of the tent this morning the sky was looking like rain. After a quick breakfast and breaking down camp, I hit the road about 8:00. 

The last 10 miles yesterday gave me the first taste of hills. Today’s section of the route provided more of the same, gradually getting bigger and longer as the day went on. Thinking rain might be part of my day I stopped at subway about 10 miles in to charge some things and write yesterday blog post and just kinda take it easy. 

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