The Michigan Dilemma

Being back in Michigan I’m finding it difficult to actually get out on my bike and train. Being early May here the weather can be not so friendly for outdoor activities. However, when it is nice, I still find it hard to get the bike out. One of the main reasons is there just isn’t a good place to ride around here.

I was spoiled in Tucson, not only with very nice weather but as I mentioned in the previous entry, it’s a very bike friendly city. Many MANY years ago I gave up road riding because it scared the hell out of me and subsequently took up mountain biking. In Tucson, I could ride for miles and miles on the river trails only have to occasionally cross a road. To get in any decent miles here in MI, requires at least some pedaling the shoulder of a busy road. Ugh!

Rillito River Trail. Tucson, AZ

Rillito River Trail. Tucson, AZ

One other aspect of riding here in MI that I find bewildering is that in Tucson I could ride to a place that I knew was fifteen miles out and back and think, that was a nice little ride. In MI I seem to peddle all over the place, circumnavigating one little town on back roads and such, even taking the long cuts to maximize my mileage. I finish a ride here and think to myself well that was some serious riding today, only to discover I only went just eight stinking miles. Seriously?

This is not good because ride training has become a drag. Not sure if killing myself with the weights at the gym will translate to the bike but I will find out in July because that’s what most of my training is.

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One thought on “The Michigan Dilemma

  1. patty

    Sometimes the 8 miles can lead to a great destination full of “spontaneous” fun and adventure , so at times it can be the destination, just sayin; )


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