Buying New Gear For The Ride

UPS and FedEx and the local mail carrier only have to see my name on a box to know what house it goes to. It’s quite fun to come home every day and discover what items were delivered while I was a work. I can honestly see now how shopping can become an addiction. This is fun!

In the Amazon check out where is ask “would you like your items combined into a single shipment?” I’m like; hell no, ship everything separate so I go berserk like a kid on Christmas morning rippin shit out of boxes like there’s no tomorrow.

The downside is this buying spree on gear has me hemorrhaging cash at an alarming rate. I can’t make it fast enough. They don’t have to ask at work if anybody would like extra hours. They just ask how much more I’m willing to work for the day/week.

I’m also doing my part to keep spread some green around locally. I feel more comfortable trying things on before buying.

For a list of the gear that I will be taking on my ride see the Current Gear page.

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