Pulling The Trigger

Since the beginning of this year, the intent was to begin my ride in Banff AB Canada, the first week of July ‘Eh’. As pointed out in the previous post, money was going toward gear at an alarming rate. Unless a winning lottery ticket was in my immediate future, I was gonna be short of funds with an early July departure date. So I decided to push the date back to the second week of July.

Soon an extra week became two. Then two became three extra weeks. Before three weeks became four and four became next year, I pulled the trigger and bought a one-way plane ticket to Calgary today.

No big ceremonial ordeal was involved in buying the ticket, but the whole thing just became immensely more real to me.

On Friday, July 24th, I fly from Saginaw, MI (MBS) to Calgary, AB Canada (YYC)

Now to figure out how to get my bike there, in one piece. :-/

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