Day 3: Turbulent Creek to Tobermory Recreation Site (40 miles)

Took my sweet time breaking down camp, and cooking breakfast before hitting the trail. Was a little chilly this morning, about 30 degrees according to my cheap thermometer.

Today’s ride took me through some unbelievable country. Yesterdays ride was awe-inspiring, and today took me through a lot of single track, through the forest, over rivers. I just can’t get over the view of the Rockies here. Every turn provides a new view that just leaves me speechless.

Camp at Turbulent Creek

Camp at Turbulent Creek

A lot of elevation change today and all in all I think I had to get off and push the bike a total of 3 miles… Ugh! Some up slopes were not too bad but the altitude is just kicking my butt, I get winded real fast on some climbs. I expected this and hope to adapt with another week or so of riding.

It rained off and on all day. Not enough to break out the rain gear, which was still soaking wet from yesterday. Just kept my windbreaker on. The temps remained in the mid 40’s all day. Made my first refueling stop at the tiny Boulton Creek Trading Post. My focus was on buying the highest calorie foods I could get. Candy bars, Ice Cream, Jerky (for protein). $35 dollars later I was done shopping and could not help but eat a few items right outside the store.

Also made my first crossing of the Continental Divide at Elks Pass, which is also the border going from Alberta into British Columbia. This is the only divide crossing of the Canada section. The climb up the 6400’ pass was brutal on me but the downside was a crazy fast in some of the thickest mud I’ve seen yet on the trail.

Elk Pass 1st Contentental divide crossing

Elk Pass 1st Continental divide crossing

After crossing Elks Pass I was looking at the map and noticed the note: “Tobermory BC Forest Service Recreation site, includes a cabin with cots and wood stove, available first-come-first-served”. This became my destination for the night. Whether I would be sleeping in a tent or a cabin would remain to be seen.

When I found my stopping point for the night, my fingers crossed as I rode up to the cabin hoping nobody was there. As luck would have it the cabin is all mine. A welcome sight considering it’s raining. I strung out all my wet gear inside the cabin so it could dry and cooked up some dinner. This is nice!

Tobomory Cabin

Tobomory Cabin

Not long after settling into the cabin, a Jeep and a truck came up the trail. It was a group of guys in their mid 20’s and they stop at the cabin to see who’s staying at the cabin. Great Divide riders are common around here, so since I had no car they automatically assume I’m biking and doing the infamous trail. One of the guys said he saw a guy with a big pack on his back riding a unicycle.

Oh, this I have got to see. Hope I meet up with the unicyclist guy.

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