Day 9: Tuchuck Camp to Whitefish, MT (72 miles)


Today’s ride was fairly uneventful. Rode the western border of Glacier National Park for a few miles before heading slightly west again to make a 12-mile steady climb over the pass at Red Meadow Lake. Was sunny all day with temps ranging from mid 80 to low 90’s

Filtering river water somewhere before Whitefish..

Filtering river water somewhere before Whitefish.. (Red bag hanging on left bridge rail)

From Red Meadow, it as pretty much all downhill into Whitefish. Not ALL downhill mind you. There were just enough uphill sections to keep me honest. Once I got into what seemed like the middle of downtown I used my phone to find the nearest restaurants, and a pizza place showed up as less than 100 yds away. Was good pizza and they sold by the slice. Three big slices, about 3/4 of a pizza, was good for me.

mmmmmm. Pizza

mmmmmm. Pizza. And yes, my bike parked right outside the window. 


In the restaurant, I called a couple hostels listed on the map. First one was booked the other had camping only, but a shower. Ended up camping at the Montana Bike Hostel which was about a 7-mile ride out of town. It was kind of a cheeseball operation but at least it was a place to wash all the road dust off myself, pitch my tent best of all, not have to worry about bears.

I may stay in the area another day so I can visit the bike shop in Kalispell to see about a gearing change on my bike. My lowest gear is just too big yet for me to ride up many of the grades I’ve met. Doing a lot of pushing and I’d rather peddle. This current state of affairs is wearing me right the hell out. 

Unfortunately, it’s Saturday and the bike shops are closed on Sunday, so I will have to wait until Monday to get this done.

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3 thoughts on “Day 9: Tuchuck Camp to Whitefish, MT (72 miles)

  1. Lisa Jackson

    Scott! Sorry we didn’t get the chance to say bye before your voyage. I sure miss your presence. This,is an awesome adventure and I am so proud of you! I pray that this adventure is fulfilling and of course amazing and fun. Keep biking Scott. Be safe friend. TTYL


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