Day 1: Clinton to Sedalia – 34 miles

Arrived at the trailhead in Clinton, Mo about 1:30. With half an hour of set up time of pulling gear out of my official ‘biking tub of goodies’ and putting it all on the bike I was ready to start peddling. Before Matthew and I parted ways I told him “Well this ride is beginning much like the Great Divide did. With the question… Why the heck am I doing this?” 



No matter how much research one can do or how good the guide books are there is just a huge unknown of what lies ahead and that can cause apprehension. Taking that first step, or peddle stroke in this instance, can be very difficult to do. My basic instinct was to simply get back in the car and hang out in St Charles with Matthew for the remainder of my vacation time. That was the much more comfortable scenario at this moment.

Caboose in Clinton, MO

Caboose in
Clinton, MO

After taking the customary pictures and saying my goodbyes to Matthew, I started peddling east down the trail. Within a few peddle strokes all my apprehension disappeared and it felt good to be riding with a destination on the adgenda.

Today’s ride was uneventful. Just a bit too uneventful. The scenery is nice…. When you can see it. Being on an old rail-bed I’m quite often in a tunnel of trees, sheltered from the surrounding landscape. Once in a while I cross a quaint country road, with its undulating hills it looks much more inviting than the trail I’m on.

Katy trail

Katy trail

Quaint country road in Misouri

Quaint country road in Missouri. Wonder where it leads?

Stopped in Sedalia to camp for the night. Would liked to have put a few more miles in but the late start and sun setting early these days, I simply ran out of daylight to continue. Stayed nice and toasty in my sleeping bag, but my inflatable pillow didn’t want to hold air very well.


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