Getting ready to ride the Katy

The weeks/days leading up to this next bike adventure has been a mixed bag of emotions. With the ‘test’ life/god has handed me lately I’ve been looking forward to few days of nothing but riding bike. However to be perfectly honestly, this ride scares me.  Not that I think the plan of riding 60 miles a day will be too much or something will go wrong. I simply cannot get myself excited to riding a pancake flat, perfectly groomed trail through rural america.

Climbing mountain passes miles and miles from the nearest outpost of civilization is really what I want right now. When lungs and legs are on fire and the threat of a Grizzly Bear is forever lurking around the next bend, any problems life may have thrown your way become very minuscule… Trust me!

The decision to use some vacation days to do a long ride was solely generated by a need to ‘get away’ and live a few days with only the bare essentials of what can be carried on a bike. Like to call this bike therapy. There is a fear that I simply do not believe this trail will provide the level of adventure (therapy) I desire . Without challenge, I envision the mindless peddling and being on the trail alone, will just open the door to dwelling on the crap that brought me to this ride in the first place.

Another reason for the lack of excitement leading to this is the fact there has essentially been no preparation necessary. Physically I’m beyond prepared, my bike is good to go and all my ‘bikepacking’ gear is forever waiting patiently in a large plastic tub to be put to good use. Essentially no build up leading to my departure.

Made a promise to my friends and family that I would blog about this adventure as it happens. As I sit here in the passenger seat while Matthew shuttles me from his house in St. Charles Missouri to Clinton MO in order to begin the biking portion of this adventure, I’m fulfilling that promise and beginning it with a full on confession. Right now my heart is not in this ride and I don’t anticipate there will be much to blog about.

Although… If shit happens, it will happen to me.

So stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Getting ready to ride the Katy

  1. Dave

    Be thankful for the opportunity. Enjoy the ride, however it goes. You are there, this ride is a success already. Just breathe and you will find peace.


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