Adventures for 2017

As we head into warmer days the single question many people have been presenting to me lately is: “Have any biking trips planned this summer?”

Well, I have two answers for that question. Yes and sorta.

For the absolute ‘Yes’ my registration is officially in for the 3rd annual Fargo Sub-48 which will be happening Sept 29 – Oct 1. Two glorious days of bikepacking the west side of Michigan. Last year’s ride was well-organized and included bit of riding challenge to keep things interesting. Was fun to hang out and ride with like-minded cyclist. Looking forward to participating again this year. An account of the 2016 Fargo Sub-48 ride can be found here.

For rides of the ‘epic’ category, which I’m sure my inquisitors are wondering, I have no plans for one this year. Unless my beautiful new Razmatazz Hibiscus tree magically starts sprouting; hundos, Benjamins, or C-notes, a monumental ride will have to wait a wee bit. Besides the epic biking trips at the top of my bucket list are best done during the months it’s cold in the northern hemisphere.

To address the ‘sorta’ part of my answer, there is this little adventure that will be taking place the first two weeks of June. I will be helping a friend sail his, new to him, Hunter 33 sailboat from Bayfield WI (on Lake Superior) to Holland MI. (on Lake Michigan) We will take bikes along to explore and check out the local attractions of the various harbors we plan to visit. For me this trip will be an epic adventure and is sorta a biking trip.

I’ve been looking forward to this trip ever since my friend presented the plan a couple of months ago. I’ve never been on a sailboat larger than a 13′ Sunfish and certainly never overnighted on a boat, so true ignorance has me ALL in on this trip. The plan is to, hopefully, blog daily as the adventure unfolds. Hoping too to put my GoPro to good use and have plenty of video to post.

Hunter 33 currently sitting in Bayfield WI and needs to be in Holland MI.

As of the end of May, the actual departure date for our sailing adventure remains up in the air as some matters regarding the boat will likely remain unresolved until the very last-minute. More on that later. Stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to receive notices when new content is posted.

This should be interesting.



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4 thoughts on “Adventures for 2017

  1. Ed LaCroix

    Hi Scott,
    Ed in Phoenix. The sailboat trip sounds awesome. Boats are wonderful to sleep on IMO. You should love it (large swells aside). Look forward to the blog. Hope you’re well. Heating up here or course but nothing horrible yet. Best to you,


    1. Scott Post author

      Good to hear from you Ed. The way things typically go for me, there should be plenty of story to tell.


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