Camping Hammock Test/Review

Ever since I first ventured into the bikepacking scene, I’ve been intrigued with the camping hammocks and have been eager to give it try. A few weeks ago an economical option presented itself that I decided would finally be my chance to give hammock sleeping a go.

A Facebook ad, complete with a very enticing video, popped up on my newsfeed. Not only was it a camping hammock but one that was rather unique allowing one to sleep crossways to the way the hammock is hung. Looked like a very comfortable sleeping position so I placed an order for one.

Here is a video of me and my brother opening the package for the very first time and setting it up… Or should I say ‘trying’ to set it up. Let me just say there is absolutely zero useful review information about a hammock in this video. The short video does, however, have some entertainment value.

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