Day 9 & 10 – Lenoir, NC to Pisgah National Forest to Collettesville, NC (28 + 20 miles)

June 9th

Third straight day of rain and not just a little rain. It’s coming down hard. Not so eager to get on the road this morning. Had a good night stay and day off in Lenoir. Marcia, who worked the front desk at the hotel I stayed at last night was a pleasure to talk with. Telling me she had a medical condition and she is just in awe of people like me that take on physical challenges like this. Because she can’t

Talk about putting things into perspective. And I’m upset about an upset stomach. Listening to Marcia’s story and talking at length with her built up my courage to meet my challenge but still didn’t change the fact that I was convinced, for the first 10 miles into my ride, I thought breakfast was going to make a reappearance. 

My friend Marcia from Lenoir NC

The nausea feeling did eventually pass. Did my best to stay dry in the rain. Even though rain gear does a good job at keeping the elements out, it also keeps elements in, such as sweat. So, my rain gear is probably just as wet on the inside as it is on the out. Let’s just say rain gear for the cyclist keeps one from going hypothermic. 

News stations have been reporting flood warnings for the area the past coupes of days. I finally got to see first hand what they were talking about. Came to a bridge that was being overtaken by the river. No way I was getting across. As luck would have it this barely traveled road put me at the bridge the same time as this guy with a truck. He offered to let me and my bike ride in the back across the water. When we got to the other side, He said there is probably one more spot up the road that is covered too. So I just stayed in the truck as we traveled the half-mile to the other spot. That turned OK but I was very thankful for the help.

My help across flooded the road.

About 15 miles after setting off today I entered the Pisgah National Forest. Now, this is more like it. Narrow dirt road winding through the wilderness with nothing around. Not even a cell tower as I noticed by the “no service” on my phone.  

Backwoods traveling. Now ‘this is more like it.

After several grueling miles, up and down through the Forest, I’m on the hunt for a place to put up my tent for the night. Passing a nice looking spot, stopped and thought… If I get cell service here, this is my spot for the night. Phone back on and I have enough bars to contact home and I have my camp spot for the night. Rain and all. 

Day 10, June 10th

Party at my place last night. 100+ black ants crashed my place, mostly hanging out in my wet clothes that I left in the vestibule area of the tent. A few came inside but not Ike the party going on just outside the door. 

With it raining all night too and into the morning I had to pack away everything wet. Today’s ride had a few miles of the National Forest to take care of. Yes! I’m nauseous yet again. This is starting to get concerning, maybe I should see a doctor just to make sure everything is ok and maybe get some relief. 

I exited the National Forest a few miles outside the tiny town of Mortimer, NC Went into the little store to get a bite to eat and stock up. Looking at the map, and the next towns I’ll be going through. I asked the girl running the store about the possibility of finding a doctor there. She said your best bet is to go to Collettsville. Heck, I just went past Collettsville yesterday. I’d be doing a big circle going there. She said you don’t have much of a choice because that road is all washed out and we don’t know when it will be passable. So I was going towards Collettesville whether I wanted to or not. 

General store in Mortimer NC

Found the medical center there and had me a little appointment with the doctor. They didn’t run any blood work because it would take 24 hrs to get the result, but by all standards, I’m in no danger of keeling over, and there is nothing pointing to signs of what’s causing my problems. Today, by the way, my upset stomach stuck with me pretty much all day. 

Decided to stay the night in Collettsville with the rain finally giving a reprieve, early evening, even showing a sunset. 

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2 thoughts on “Day 9 & 10 – Lenoir, NC to Pisgah National Forest to Collettesville, NC (28 + 20 miles)

  1. Colette

    Like the name of this location. Collettsville. I know I have been praying for you but never thought there was a town named with part of my name.

  2. Scott Post author

    They don’t pronounce it the same as your name. Not sure I could even spell it phonetically. I’ll just have to say it the next time I see you. 😉


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