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A daily account of participating in the American Trail Race 2019. All the trials and limited triumphs of traversing America by Mountain bike. An adventure that starts in North Carolina and ended with dashed hopes of concluding in Oregon.

American Trail Race Conclusion

July 10, 2019

Setting out on an adventure to bike across America from coast to coast brought a lot of people here to follow that adventure as it happened. Since it came to a premature end, I know plenty of followers have questions and have been patiently waiting for them to be answered. Hopefully, this post will take care of that.

At the time this entry is published, four weeks have passed since my last day of riding as well as the posting of the previous blog entry. In that time I’ve been struggling with how to put a wrap to this adventure. The delay of taking my thoughts from private reflection to public script is due to a combination of occurrences. This entry has undergone several re-writings and hours of editing all to find the right words. This final draft does a pretty decent job of bringing this to a conclusion. I just have to accept that no amount of re-writing will get it to a point that I’ll be truly content.

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