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An account of prepping and riding the Fargo Sub-48 two-day organized ride.

First bikepacking trip of 2016: Fargo Sub-48

Early summer 2015 I spotted a poster in the window of my local bike shop… “Fargo Sub-48” was the title. Of course, this obscure poster caught my eye because my bike is a Salsa Fargo. Inspecting the poster a little closer, discovered it was for up-coming bike ride taking place in Michigan. Asking the kid working the shop about the poster, he had no clue what it was for. It was quickly established he did not know that ‘Fargo’ was a bike made by Salsa. Also if I had to guess, when he heard “Salsa” rather than the popular bike brand coming to mind, he was thinking tortilla chips. On the way out the door, I snapped a quick pic of the poster to do a little research later.

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2016 Fargo Sub-48, Day One – 42 miles

It was over a three-hour drive last night to get to the start of the Second Annual Fargo Sub-48. We arrived well after dark to find the place completely packed. Barely a place to park with people setting up tents in precarious places near their vehicles. Talking with one fellow rider that arrived before we did, we learned they had set up their tent in the woods just off a trail at the back of camp.

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2016 Sub-48, Day Two – 25 miles.

Once again the rains showed some mercy, stopping before morning. As we climbed out of our sleeping bags we could hear the food truck responsible for providing the riders with breakfast had arrived in the campground and was busy setting up.

The fairly heavy rains the night before had made quite a mess on just about everything. Barely a blade a grass existed in this campground which meant the rain had splashed mud/sand everywhere.

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