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Welcome to my daily account of biking America’s longest Rail to Trail conversion, known as the Katy Trail. This hard-packed trail nearly traverses the entire state of Missouri. The trail passes through many towns, most of which have lost their glory when passenger rail service ceased.

Katy Trail, America’s Longest Rails to Trails Project


God willing and the creek don’t rise. That was my Grandpa’s answer when someone asked if his plans were still a go. Those words are very fitting to my next planned biking adventure. Although it would be appropriate to change the word creek to river. If all goes as planned I will begin riding The Katy Trail starting, Sunday November, 13th 2016. Continue reading

Getting ready to ride the Katy

The weeks/days leading up to this next bike adventure has been a mixed bag of emotions. With the ‘test’ life/god has handed me lately I’ve been looking forward to few days of nothing but riding bike. However to be perfectly honestly, this ride scares me.  Not that I think the plan of riding 60 miles a day will be too much or something will go wrong. I simply cannot get myself excited to riding a pancake flat, perfectly groomed trail through rural america. Continue reading

Day 1: Clinton to Sedalia – 34 miles

Arrived at the trailhead in Clinton, Mo about 1:30. With half an hour of set up time of pulling gear out of my official ‘biking tub of goodies’ and putting it all on the bike I was ready to start peddling. Before Matthew and I parted ways I told him “Well this ride is beginning much like the Great Divide did. With the question… Why the heck am I doing this?”  Continue reading

Day 3: Cooper’s Landing to Portland, MO – 54 miles

With my tent set up just a few yards from the Mighty Missouri River I could hear the sound of water rushing as the river parted around a large rock. Before falling asleep last night I was laying there, wondered if the sound of cascading water all night would make me thirsty or make me want to pee. Well both happened. I drank about half a liter of water before walking to the restroom at 2:00am. Continue reading

Katy Trail Retrospective

About a week and a half has passed since logging last miles of the Katy Trail. I’ve had time to reflect on the ride as a whole and ponder details of the ride, some of which did not make it to this blog. A plethora of reasons can be inserted here as why entries were shorted details of riding America’s longest Rail to trail project. Reasons such as; lost drafts of blog entries, lack of time, not able to find my muse on this trail, and much more could be slotted into this category.  Continue reading