Day 4 – Anderson Creek to Candor, NC (63 miles)

June 5

Poking my head out of the tent this morning the sky was looking like rain. After a quick breakfast and breaking down camp, I hit the road about 8:00. 

The last 10 miles yesterday gave me the first taste of hills. Today’s section of the route provided more of the same, gradually getting bigger and longer as the day went on. Thinking rain might be part of my day I stopped at subway about 10 miles in to charge some things and write yesterday blog post and just kinda take it easy. 

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Day 9 & 10 – Lenoir, NC to Pisgah National Forest to Collettesville, NC (28 + 20 miles)

June 9th

Third straight day of rain and not just a little rain. It’s coming down hard. Not so eager to get on the road this morning. Had a good night stay and day off in Lenoir. Marcia, who worked the front desk at the hotel I stayed at last night was a pleasure to talk with. Telling me she had a medical condition and she is just in awe of people like me that take on physical challenges like this. Because she can’t

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Day 11 – Collettsville, NC to Spruce Pine NC (36 miles)

June 11th

Woke this morning to the same beautiful partly cloudy skies that I went to bed with. So nice to not see rain after dealing with it for days. Also feeing just slight nausea so that’s improving too. Camping close to town I went to the only store to pick up breakfast. Sitting outside eating what I could piece together as a passable breakfast, This big dog, a chocolate Lab, was doing his ‘best sad’ face to get a bite or two from me. 

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American Trail Race Conclusion

July 10, 2019

Setting out on an adventure to bike across America from coast to coast brought a lot of people here to follow that adventure as it happened. Since it came to a premature end, I know plenty of followers have questions and have been patiently waiting for them to be answered. Hopefully, this post will take care of that.

At the time this entry is published, four weeks have passed since my last day of riding as well as the posting of the previous blog entry. In that time I’ve been struggling with how to put a wrap to this adventure. The delay of taking my thoughts from private reflection to public script is due to a combination of occurrences. This entry has undergone several re-writings and hours of editing all to find the right words. This final draft does a pretty decent job of bringing this to a conclusion. I just have to accept that no amount of re-writing will get it to a point that I’ll be truly content.

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Adventures of 2018, Part II – Escanaba, MI and Turnip Rock

This is part two in a series of articles covering my adventures of 2018. Part one can be found here. Part 1 Gaylord MI to Mackinaw City

On the bike trail between Gaylord MI and Mackinaw City little did I know my next adventure was developing before me. Even though I was officially on ‘vacation’ from work I was in contact with my company, talking with them about sending me to a new facility for a few weeks.

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Adventures of 2018, Part III – Traverse City, MI back to Escanaba

This is part three in a series of articles covering my adventures of 2018. Part one can be found here. Part 1 Gaylord MI to Mackinaw City

By the time the middle of August rolled around I was feeling a dire compulsion to fill my summer with as much activity as possible before it’s over. One activity on my wishlist to still fulfill was a promise made to my aunt last summer to take her paddleboarding.

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