Adventures of 2018, Part II (Escanaba to Turnip Rock)

This is part two in a series of articles covering my adventures of 2018. Part one can be found here. Part 1 Gaylord MI to Mackinaw City

On the bike trail between Gaylord MI and Mackinaw City little did I know my next adventure was developing before me. Even though I was officially on ‘vacation’ from work I was in contact with my company, talking with them about sending me to a new facility for a few weeks.

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Camping Hammock Test/Review

Ever since I first ventured into the bikepacking scene, I’ve been intrigued with the camping hammocks and have been eager to give it try. A few weeks ago an economical option presented itself that I decided would finally be my chance to give hammock sleeping a go.

A Facebook ad, complete with a very enticing video, popped up on my newsfeed. Not only was it a camping hammock but one that was rather unique allowing one to sleep crossways to the way the hammock is hung. Looked like a very comfortable sleeping position so I placed an order for one.

Here is a video of me and my brother opening the package for the very first time and setting it up… Or should I say ‘trying’ to set it up. Let me just say there is absolutely zero useful review information about a hammock in this video. The short video does, however, have some entertainment value.

Where One Adventure Ends, Another Begins

Saturday, September 18th 2018

Followers of this blog may recall my weeklong Sailboat adventure that took place just a little over a year ago in 2017. Having never been on a bigger sailboat in my life, I did so for the first time to sail three of the five Great Lakes, which lead to an interesting adventure. If you have yet to read that story the beginning is found here: Sailing The Great Lakes

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An Adventure Through Willpower, Discipline and Results

Like to consider myself as an adventurer which typically means participating in a variety of voyages. Even though I’ve embarked on a few of those over the past few years, there is one recent adventure that does not fall into the ‘voyage’ category. This adventure did not involve traveling much further than to work or the gym. Will admit, at no point in the time it took for this story to play out, did I ever considered it an adventure. However looking back on all that I’ve done and learned the past months, I’m calling it an adventure now. Continue reading

10 Truths I’ve Learned About Exercise and Losing Body Fat

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again when people want my help or opinion on “getting in shape for the New Year”. I get these questions because people have learned that I have a few years of weight training under my belt and continue to educate myself on body recomposition IE; getting stronger and losing body fat.

These conversations over the past few weeks with various people, got me thinking that it would just be easier to share the truths of exercise and fat loss I have learned, here on my blog. Continue reading

Third Annual Fargo Sub-48 Bikepacking trip

September 30th, 2017

If my bike trips had themes, the one for the 2017 Fargo Sub-48 it would be; just how little training can I get away with and still make this happen? I did not start summer with the intention of riding only a hand full of times, then participating in a two-day bikebacking excursion. Quite the contrary, actually.

Photo purchased from Smugmug 10/3/2017

Photo by Rob Meendering. (photo purchased from smugmug)

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